Sans-Nom Inc. repairs

You've searched and searched, read the reviews, looked at the pictures and finally decided to send your firearm to the best place for custom stock and metal work, accuracy improvements, old-style restoration or just plain warranty work — and then you discovered just how complicated it is to send a firearm across any international border without getting the item seized by Customs.

Relax. We can do this for you. A US licensed professional importer/exporter (that's us!) can help you send a firearm from Canada to the US for service and then return the firearm to you in Canada. Upon return the firearm should clear Customs Canada without fuss or fanfare — and more often than not — without incurring additional taxes, duties or GST.

"REPAIRS" and/or "SERVICE" means "inspection, testing, calibration, repair, including overhaul, reconditioning, and one-to-one replacement of any defective items, parts or components but excluding any modifications enhancement, upgrade or other form of alteration that changes the basic performance of the item..."

If this is something you're interested in, pop over to our Contact Page and select Round-Trip-Repairs from the drop down menu. We'll send you our RTR Ticket packet.

Here is what we need to know:

  • WHO is sending this firearm? We’ll need your complete contact and mailing information.
  • WHAT FIREARM(s) are you sending? We'll need to know the manufacturer, model, serial number, caliber and barrel length of each item.
  • WHERE is the firearm to go to for service?
  • WHAT services are going to be done to the firearm?

We'll prepare special Customs labels and send you shipping instructions that should speed your shipment right to our door. After arrival at our facility we'll send your pretties on to their destination with instructions to return to us when work is complete. We'll pack and ship in a brand-new Plano gun box that can be re-used for the return trip home.

Sooner or later your prettie will be returned to us by the vendor. We'll pack/repack as needed; prepare US Customs exit papers, including certification that we imported these items on your behalf and are returning them to the original owner in the country of origin.

WHAT DOES IT COST? We charge a $250 service fee up front for each Round-Trip Repair transaction. This does not include:

  • The shipping of your items from us to your vendor
  • The return shipping from us to you
  • Insurance
  • Any pack/repacking your item may need
  • US Customs exit filing fee ($75)
  • Any work, services or fees charged by the vendor (obviously!)

Typically, the total cost (including our fee) of a Round-Trip Repair from CANADA runs $450 – $550 USD.

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