About Sans-Nom

We are a professional services firm specializing in import & export of controlled commodities, specifically, munitions and defense articles. Under US export law, “munitions and defense articles” usually means anything that is attached to or part of a firearm, including parts, pieces, components, tools, plans, specifications and barrels. Sighting devices designed for and used with firearms, including riflescopes, red-dot sights, holographic and other optical devices are also subject to strict US export controls.

About Where

We are located in Tacoma, Washington, USA, on the West Coast of the United States. We do not have a storefront or display area. We have no walk-in traffic. We do not do retail or any type of over-the-counter sales. On a clear day we have a good view of nearby Mt. Rainier (elevation 14,410 ft. /4392m).

About Our Name

“Sans-nom” is French, literally “without-a-name”. So the next time you hear someone blathering about “nameless corporations”, well, that’s us. If you happen to ask one of our people who they work for, they can honestly say that “my employer prefers to remain nameless.”

About Our Ravens

Ravens (genus: Corvus; a part of the crow family) appear prominently in almost all of the creation stories of the indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast, including Tlingit, Haida, Salish and Kwakwaka’wakw, to name but a few. In all of these cultures Raven is a finder of treasures who brings them back to share. Raven is bright, inquisitive, and a problem-solver — just like our people. Raven also has sense of humor.

About Our People

If you think you want to be in the business of importing/exporting defense articles — and you don’t want to go to jail — you should have a strong background in a field that emphasizes process, documents and details. All of our people have prior careers in accounting, bookkeeping, law, pharmaceuticals, real-estate, insurance and computer coding. They are comfortable working in small, flexible self-managed teams. They are independent, detail-oriented professionals who take pride in complying with a complex set of ever-evolving rules and regulations concerning the international traffic in defense articles. They also happen to like firearms.